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Training On Snow Day

Training On Snow Day ❗

When: Tomorrow Monday June 16th 

 Where: Snow Day

 What Time?

 8:00 PM EST

 7:00 PM CST

6:00 PM MST

 5:00 PM PST

Expectation 10+! All Must Attend , Come Tommorrow Or Be Demoted, We shall fill the gap of the last few days with a flawless event tomorrow evening, we shall satisfie the quench/thirsts of both SMAP and Smac alike in the fact we will shine with greatness, Achievements and more! Prepare for takeoff ! Lets Rise!And now Captain Drake, with his hit single, ”Fill My Black Hole” Enjoy!:3




Ace Of Spades Is Back!

Ace Of Spades Is Back! Our Chat Is



Hello Eavryone Blackx1 here!


This isn’t a lie AOS is back and this time we are ready to kick some butt. We got a new Leader this Gen. His name is TheTurtlez.

I’m back!

I told you guys I might be back soon! The unfortunate circumstances have passed and MikeMate will be back to lead this army! I bring some other news too. AOS will no longer be working with Light troops on account of their reputation as anitsemites and complete dicks. We will be making a new ally with the Dark Warriors! The alliance of AOS and DW is still in progress but it will happen! I’m so glad to be back and I’m ready to lead!

You know what you have done. Don’t play. Don’t bleed. Human flesh shall be destroyed.


Sorry, Spy

Good bye. You know what you have done. Don’t play. Don’t bleed. Human flesh shall be destroyed.



Well, it’s been a good and short run. But I’ve been forced to retire from this army under unfortunate circumstances. I enjoyed being a uk leader and I’ll miss this army greatly. I’ll still be around, just not as owner. I’ll seriously miss leading this army though, i’ve met some great people and some great recruits.
signing off but i might come back one day.

PB with SR results!

Greetings, Ace of Spades ❗

As you may know, we held a Practice Battle with the Striking Raiders, but they decided not to show up.  Because of that, we have decided to change it to a training event, which we have done a great job on. I am very proud of us! Good job, and keep up the good work! We maxed 10, and averaged seven, which is decent for a first event!

As shown above, we max 10.

Again, great job, AOS, and I hope we will do better! 🙂

Comment if you came!

Welcome to the start of a new era!

this army has been rebuilt with the leaders and 3ic’s of many armies. within a day we have become one of the strongest small/medium armies and it’s a legend that will last for a while. I’d like to congratulate all of our new members, mods, and owners for bringing this army up from the ground.


PB With Striking Raiders

Practice Battle With Striking Raiders

When: This Upcoming Tuesday[June 10th]

Where: Klondike

What Time? :

8:00 PM EST

7:00 PM CST

6:00 PM MST

5:00 PM PST

AOS GEN 3!! :D

Well ya hi it’s me Blackx1. As I have been alerted by zy AOS is back and better then ever. With eavryone’s help I see this becoming a great army. Btw Tony I’ll try to get Clayton to join.

But if you don’t know me, I am Blackx1. I created this army with zy about a year ago. We have closed but now we are back. I will return most likely as an advisor or a leader.

Well eavryone get ready for a wild ride!!